Best ACs for Moisty/Salinity Areas

Best Air Conditioners For Moisty and Salinity Areas

The Air Conditioner that contains a filter called "Dehumidification filter" is the best type of ACs for moisty and salinity areas.

What is Dehumidfication Filter

The main reason why i personally recommend to buy ACs with Dehumidifiaction filter because Dehumidifiers or the dehumidification filter's primary function is to eliminate excessive moisture from the air and produce down / decrease the humidity levels within a space. Dehumidifier filters remove dust particles from the air before the air passes through the coils. Lower the humidity level within the room, lower the prospect of the appliances within the room to induce rusty in moisty or salinity areas. We can also use this filter after a Rainy Day or at a very Humid Day

Here are The Best Air Conditioner with Dehumidification filter under the range of Rs. 30,000 (approx 400 USD ) 


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